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Hearing Aids

This first appointment takes about 1-1.5 hours. When you first come into our clinic, we will have an initial consult. We will ask you some questions about your hearing and what your hearing needs are. Then we will do a hearing test. The test will take about 30 minutes and you will sit inside our sound booth. Prior to the hearing test, the audiologist will look in your ears to examine the status of the eardrums and make sure your ear canals are clear. In case there is a lot of ear wax blocking the ear canal, the audiologist will recommend a visit to your doctor to get your ears cleaned before proceeding with the testing. After the hearing test the audiologist will discuss the test results with you and explain whether you may benefit from hearing aids. Different hearing aid options will then be discussed. We may need to make impressions of your ear if custom earmolds are needed. The hearing aids will then get ordered from the manufacturer. Usually you will be fitted with the hearing aids within two weeks. AT H&M Hearing we work primarily with manufacturers Oticon and Bernafon.
Once we receive the hearing aids from the manufacturer we schedule you for the fitting appointment. On this day we program the hearing aids using Real-ear-measurements (REM) for a most accurate fitting. If you’re a new hearing aid user we will set the hearing aids at a softer level so you can get used to all the sounds you haven’t heard in a while. If you are already an experienced hearing user we will likely set the hearing aids to the most optimal level. We recommend you wear the hearing aids as much as you can during your waking hours. This way you will get used to all the sounds that you haven’t heard in a while faster. On this day the 30-day trial period starts. We will ask you for half of the payment for the hearing aids when you leave our clinic with them.
After two weeks of wearing the hearing aids, you will come back to our clinic for adjustments. If you’re a new user we will increase the volume a little, since your brain should now be more used to all the new sounds. You then go home and adapt to this new volume. This appointment takes about 30 minutes.

After 4 weeks we see you again for the final adjustment. If you’re a new user we will set the hearing aids to the most optimal volume at this point. At the end of this appointment we will ask you for the remaining of the payment.
If for some reason you decide to not keep the hearing aids, you will get your money back, minus the cost of custom earmolds if they have been made.

We recommend a follow-up every 6 months for the duration of the hearing aid warranty. The hearing aid warranty* is 3 years.

Custom earplugs and hearing protection

We provide custom made earplugs of the brand Pluggerz from the Dutch company Comfoor. These earplugs include plugs for hearing protection. They provide optimal hearing protection against damaging sounds. They have special filters for each different purpose:
  • Music
  • Shooters (shooting range and hunting)
  • Motorcycle riding.
We also provide custom earplugs for:
  • Traveling on airplanes (with a pressure filter)
  • Sleeping
  • Water activities like swimming and surfing.
We take earmold impressions of your ears. The earmold impressions then get send to the manufacturer and they deliver the finished product (earplugs) to us. You can pick them up from us usually in about one week.

Cleaning and repairs

We advise you to always take very good care of your hearing aids and try to keep them as clean as possible. However, the hearing aids can get plugged with ear wax or become dirty with dust and debris. When certain parts, like the receiver, become blocked the hearing aid doesn’t work properly. You can come into our clinic for a cleaning and a hearing aid check. You don’t need to make an appointment for this. At our clinic we can do some small repairs, for example the changing of a receiver or battery door. However, if there is an internal problem with the hearing aid or there are more extensive problems, we will need to send them to the manufacturer for repair. The cost for a manufacturer repair that is not included in the warranty. You can check with us whether a certain repair will be covered under the warranty.

Tinnitus testing

When your main symptom is ringing in the ears we may perform some extra testing. This will be done during the hearing test and includes determining the type of sound of your tinnitus (i.e. a high pitch tone versus more of a static sound), the pitch (frequency) of your tinnitus and also if we are able to mask your tinnitus with a narrow band noise or white noise. People that suffer from tinnitus may occasionally benefit from a masking feature in the hearing aids. However, the audiologist will thoroughly discuss with you whether this may be an advisable option for you. Often times wearing hearing aids and being able to hear more external sounds may already alleviate tinnitus symptoms without needing the masking function activated. Tinnitus is a complex symptom in which many factors play a role. Lifestyle and stress levels (one’s coping skills) often times play important roles in the management of tinnitus.

Remote care

When you have bought your hearing aids from us but you spend a great deal of your time abroad,
you may not always be able to come into our clinic for adjustments. With the ‘remote care’ option we can adjust the hearing aids online through the mobile app.

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The hearing aids have a manufacturer warranty of 3 years. This warranty does not include loss or damage. For this we recommend you insure the hearing aids for example with your home insurance or other separate insurance. Always check with the insurance company that the hearing aids are covered inside the home as well as outside.