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Depending on what type of situations you find yourself in on a daily basis, we will help you decide which hearing aids would be most suitable for you, for example:

Hearing Aids

Essential Good Very good Excellent Superior
Oticon Zircon 2 Oticon Zircon 1 Oticon More 3 Oticon More 2 Oticon More 1
Bernafon Alpha 1 Bernafon Alpha 3 Bernafon Alpha 5 Bernafon Alpha 7 Bernafon Alpha 9

Ranges in our hearing aids and their technologies


You spend most of your time at home and in relatively quiet environments. You want to be able to hear better in one-on-one conversations while on a budget


Great hearing aids on a budget. You want to hear better in one-on-one conversations and in small groups and family gatherings with some background noise

Very good

You spend some time in social situations. These hearing aids perform better in noisy backgrounds. The have a better contrast between speech and background noise for more difficult listening situations. They have better clarity of speech and/or music


You spend a good deal of your time in social situations, like bars and restaurants. These hearing aids are better at adjusting to your changing listening environments. Better understanding of speech in noisy environments. More flexibility in adjustments of the hearing aids/better fine-tuning options. More comfort in difficult listening situations, like restaurants and bars


When you are often in complex listening situations, social situations and often find yourself in noisy backgrounds. You often have conversations in restaurants, bars, at parties. Maybe you enjoy going to musical concerts. More flexibility in fine-tuning and adjustments to the hearing aids. These hearing aids are very good at adjusting to your ever-changing and complex listening environments

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The hearing aids have a manufacturer warranty of 3 years. This warranty does not include loss or damage. For this we recommend you insure the hearing aids for example with your home insurance or other separate insurance. Always check with the insurance company that the hearing aids are covered inside the home as well as outside.