Hearing Protection

We also offer hearing protection devices, custom made as well as universal including:

Custom ear plugs (Pluggerz)

At HM Hearing we also provide custom fit ear plugs for a variety of situations, like comfort as well as hearing protection.

Sleep plugs

These are made of soft silicone. The material is flexible which makes them comfortable for sleeping.

Shooter plugs

Shooter earplugs have a special filter that is made to protect against short, loud bursts of sound. They protect your ears at the shooting range and while hunting.

Travel plugs

These are custom made earplugs with a pressure filter for flying or other high-altitude activities.

Music plugs

These plugs have special music filters that filter out harmful noise while music stays enjoyable.

Water plugs

Specially made for swimming, surfing and other water activities. They are made of soft silicone that protects the ear canal from water entering.

Road plugs

Road plugs are earplugs with a special filter to reduce harmful motorcycle noise, road and wind noise without reducing communication and surrounding sounds.

Let’s get you protected

H&M Hearing Clinic


The hearing aids have a manufacturer warranty of 3 years. This warranty does not include loss or damage. For this we recommend you insure the hearing aids for example with your home insurance or other separate insurance. Always check with the insurance company that the hearing aids are covered inside the home as well as outside.