About Us

We at H&M hearing clinic are Lonneke and Chris. We have recently moved to Spain from the Netherlands. Before that we lived in the United States. Lonneke is a native of the Netherlands who studied and worked in the US for 13 years. She is an audiologist who earned her Doctor of Audiology degree (Au.D.) from the University of Florida and prior to that her Master’s degree in Audiology from Wichita State University in Kansas, United States. She has worked as an audiologist at the House Clinic in Los Angeles for 11 years and moved back to her home country, the Netherlands, together with her husband Chris. There she worked as a clinical audiologist for the following 8 years. Chris is a Hawaiian native. He has spend the majority of his career in the aviation industry and music. Working and spending a lot time in these noisy environments, he understand how essential hearing is to ones quality of life. At H&M hearing Chris is the office administrator. We both have an an adventurous spirit and are always up for new challenges. This is the reason we have recently moved to Spain to start our own hearing aid clinic in Torre-Pacheco, Murcia. We love helping people and are now able to do this as a team.

Values that lead us


Customer first

We challenge ourselves to become totally committed to our customers' needs


We Listen to our Clients

We value our customer feedback so we can learn, improve and give them the best service


We always act with integrity

Integrity creates trust. Individually, it’s a constant choice to infuse every action with honesty, fairness, and respect for clients and colleagues alike


We go further

We aim to deliver exceptional value for money for you by putting your hearing first

Meet Lonneke and chris

Lonneke Heuvelmans-Mattoon

Owner, Audiologist

Chris Mattoon

Owner, Business Administrator

See our ideas come to life

All of our hearing aids and accessories are designed to help you hear better. Take a look at our range of products to see how we can help you 

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The hearing aids have a manufacturer warranty of 3 years. This warranty does not include loss or damage. For this we recommend you insure the hearing aids for example with your home insurance or other separate insurance. Always check with the insurance company that the hearing aids are covered inside the home as well as outside.