Hearing tests, hearing aids and professional aftercare in Torre-Pacheco, Murcia

At H&M Hearing, our motto is: “Your Hearing Matters” and we strive to give you the best quality hearing care at an affordable price. Our hearing clinic is in Murcia and we speak English, Dutch and Spanish.

Hearing aids are devices to help you hear better in different listening situations. The type and degree of hearing loss play an important role in how well someone is able to hear in difficult listening situations (i.e. noisy environments). At H&M hearing we do our best to help find the most suitable hearing aids for you.

Opening times

Monday 10am - 4pm
Tuesday 10am - 4pm
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Our clinic's philosophy on hearing care

Audiologists and clerical staff who care about patients are key to our success. We seek out staff who are, by their nature, patient, engaging, caring individuals. They are aware and concerned with the adverse effects that hearing loss causes with occupational, social, and family communications. In summary “Your Hearing Matters”.

Our clinic's approach to providing you quality care for a reasonable price

Free hearing test

Book your free hearing test appointment. Your hearing test results will be reviewed by the audiologist to see if you benefit from hearing aids. If this is indeed the case, the audiologist will discuss the hearing aid options with you. If you decide to go ahead with the hearing aid trial, the audiologist will then proceed to order the hearing aids from the manufacturer. If custom ear moulds are needed, impressions of your ear will be made on this day as well.

Hearing and fitting

If you have been diagnosed with a hearing loss you get a 30 day trial of hearing aids. On this day the audiologist will fit the hearing aids and will program them to your specific hearing loss.

two week follow-up appointment

On this day the audiologist will make further adjustments to the hearing aids.

four week follow-up appointment

More adjustments are made if needed and the balance payment is due. If for some reason you decide to not keep the hearing aids, you will get a full refund, minus the cost of custom ear moulds, if applicable.

six month follow-up appointment

If needed a new hearing test will be done and hearing aid adjustments/cleaning. These appointments are every 6 months for 3 years (hearing aid warranty). If you need adjustments in between these 6 months you are welcome to come in with an appointment. If the hearing aids are out of warranty, charges will then be accordingly (exact pricing to be determined at that time).

We have hearing aids for everyone

Receiver in the ear (RITE)

On RITE hearing aids, the receiver, i.e. your speaker system, sits directly in your ear. RITE hearing aids usually have a small plastic or silicone dome or a custom made earmold, covering the receiver that sits in your ear canal. RITE hearing aids are suitable for many types of hearing loss.

Behind-the-ear (BTE)

BTE hearing aids house the receiver in the main body of the hearing aid. BTE hearing aids can use custom-made earmoulds (an earpiece) or domes that sit snugly in your ear, providing amplified sound and preventing whistling sounds. BTE hearing aids tend to be the preferred solution for people with severe to profound hearing loss, as well as those susceptible to ear infections and earwax build-up.

In-the-ear (custom fit)

The entire hearing aid device is contained in a single shell that is placed inside the ear, with no portion of the device behind or on top of the ear.

Depending on different factors, like the severity of your hearing loss and for example the amount of earwax your ear produces, a certain type of hearing aid may be advised. The RITE and BTE options come in regular batteries and re-chargeable options.

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The hearing aids have a manufacturer warranty of 3 years. This warranty does not include loss or damage. For this we recommend you insure the hearing aids for example with your home insurance or other separate insurance. Always check with the insurance company that the hearing aids are covered inside the home as well as outside.